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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  November 7, 2016 2:02am-3:00am EST

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closed-captioning and considerations for access
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the spot where lady gaga performed in new york at age 15. one of her stops on her dive bar tour. now the lady is going upscale. performing for the very first time, at the victoria's secret
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and returning for the fourth year in a row, is model martha hunt. and she invited us into her fitting. bye, guys. >> i am very excited the show is going to paris. >> we are going where? >> paris, pretty much, where laundry even started. >> work to be done before the city of light. begins with martha's thigh high boots. fitted. adjusted. and tested to see if they're really made for walking. so sexy. always. >> okay to walk. >> so far so good. next comes the top with more fitting and adjusting. lots of it. >> let's put the cape on. finally, the finishing touch, the long flowing silk cape and
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>> oh, my god the i love the little tassels. oh, my god, you guys, i get the best looks. >> i feel like a bohemian, gypsy goddess. >> what to expect, angels hit paris. grander than before. we think we top it. this year is insane. you are going to die. ? ? y25eny y17vy sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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hi. my name is wilfred. -hi. i'm carmen. and we live in south plainfield, new jersey. we are living here more than 20 years. as of right now, it's just me, my mom, and my brother. right on the corner there is the quesada house. and we're going to go surprise them and let them know they're being rescued. unfortunately, their oldest son james was in a horrific car accident a few years ago and now is a quadriplegic. and the only way he's able to get around the house is in his wheelchair that he controls with his mouth.
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he's always hanging out with everybody. pareena is my brother's caregiver throughout the day. we do different things. we go to therapy. we make appointments. we hang out at his house, watch movies. a day with him, it's not a bad day. it's always a good day. we might have a trouble here, something there. but we always try to solve it as best we can. and then he left with two other friends. and they got into a car accident. when james went to the surgery room, the doctor didn't give us a good chance that he was going to even-- survive the surgeries. --survive. and the doctor told after the date of surgery
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i'm like, bro, you've got this. i kept telling them, even though he was unconscious, i was like, i don't care. i know you. you're able to overcome anything. and i always kept that thought in my head. weeks later, a lot of accomplishments was made, even though it might be a little. but for him, i think it was really big, being able to eat anything he wants, being able to talk to everybody, be able to breathe on his own. now he is at home and he goes to therapy when he can. i would describe myself as a fighter. my positivity honestly comes from my support group. pereena has been there. she showed me how much a person can care. and then my mom and my brother. just for them willing to sacrifice all their time and all their strength and energy. if anyone deserves to be rescued it's the quesada family all they have is love. they sacrifice everything for each other,
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it's pretty nice out. james is making a lot of progress. but the house is not meeting a lot of his needs. we have to change everything, move james to the first floor where he has more access with his wheelchair. but his bedroom is small. my current living situation is not the greatest. i'm stuck in a very small room, the most uncomfortable bed. having a new bathroom is especially important for james. me, it would be the greatest. i am a mother. and the only thing that i want to see is see he be happy. if george to the rescue come, it would be a great thing. [door bell ring]
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w are you? george oliphant. james, i got your story from father hank over at st. joseph's parish. and i heard about your accident. i'm so sorry, man, and what you guys are dealing with in this house. it's a little house, but full of love. and but it could definitely be a little bit more convenient for you. so that's what i'm here to do. -please, come in. -all right. -yeah. -all right. i'll come in, see what i'm dealing with. the house right now is not set up for what james needs. we got architect, dan d'augustino, and our general contractor, paul lopa, our designer, lavette shrem. yep. so this it. this is his bedroom right now. no frills. tight. it's almost like he came out of the hospital and he just-- he never made it a home. right now, james' room is bleak. there's nothing on the walls.
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loset, closet, closet. so i don't know why we can't just rip those down, turn this into one big room. we should. that will expand his living space. these rooms will interact with one another a little bit better. and then it's next to the bathroom. all right. who's ready to do some demo? get geared up, grab your tool of choice, and let's get to work, boys. what do you think? huh? the oldest house we've worked on. but it's definitely not the newest house. and i definitely guarantee that there's not been a renovation done in this house in a long time. here you are. are cheers. ugh, this is at least 50 years old, i would say. snowing in august. george oliphant: "george to the rescue" is sponsored in part by coldwell banker.
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fferent kinds of insulation out there. there is no insulation. that's not good for anybody. there's the spray foam insulation. that's nice. and there is a blown-in insulation. and it is the foulest, worst, most disgusting stuff to deal with on a demo. we're going to have to open all the walls here. if you look at the ceilings, it's not going to worth keeping. here's where the rat is. ugh. what's the best thing about all this is when we're done with this bathroom, man, james is going to be able to shower in his own house. you're not supposed to be able to pull a sink out. i'm sorry, but this bathroom needs to be taken apart. i'm going to bust right through that wall. we're busting right through this wall.
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just structurally, but inside the walls, the plumbing, the electric. thankfully, blackman plumbing delivered all the supplies we needed. and antonio from right flow plumbers came in and was able to fix everything. there's actually no vent pipe for the sink. so it just vents back down. it doesn't vent anywhere. exactly. so what you got in a normal setup is you have your sink drain. and it drains down. but then there's another elbow that vents up any gases. the water goes down, but then the gases come back up and just do a loop. and that's how you get a clogged drain. now that we got the walls off, we can really see how this house is put together. and i'm no electrician. but thankfully, the guys at corbin electric are. just to be sure we're getting our bases covered here, we are going to take this stuff all out. and everything will be replaced as new.
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safety's always got to come first. you know what, paul? i'm looking at this. and if we continue ripping up all this tile, which we have to, it's going to go right underneath these cabinets. this is definitely going to fall apart. here's what i'm thinking. we came in here to do a rescue for james. but it's come to our attention that the whole family needs a rescue. so we can do-- listen, i got some great people. and we can just start demoing his kitchen today. i love that. i love that. carmen, you're getting a new kitchen. yeah. paul hooked us up with a great cabinet shop, cabinet plant. and they are providing us cabinetry for a brand new kitchen for the quesada family. we were not planning on going that route. and now we are able to. and it is a huge plus for the project.
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i think the white works. so if we're able to get it in time, it's going to make their space feel like double the size. so that the time frame now on this? we can get it done in a week. this is going to be-- oh, forget it. -that's amazing. -thank you so much. thank you so much, glen. thank you. you guys, we're doing demo. you're taking load in, load out, going up these side steps. and i just stop to take a quick look at them. the railing is just rattling. it's literally about to come off in my hand. hey, gene, van, what's up, guys? george, how are you doing, bud? i got a stoop i want to rip out and you guys are the pros. i figured maybe you guys can lend me a sledgehammer, or together we can take this whole thing down. do you want a sledgehammer or would you rather use this thing? i'm a big kid who likes big toys. so let's make a big mess. i got it on that one.
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or to find a retailer near you, go to i think you got it. yeah. that thing came down like a house of cards, my friend. obviously, the inside of the house needed to be taken care of. but so did the outside of the house. so mario grano and sons came in huge for us, doing all the exterior patio stoop.
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good job, guys. good job. and of course, the new stoop's going to need railings. so t&a ornamental railings it's hooking us up. that is not soup. that is liquid metal. it comes like this and ends up like that. that's the best adhesive there is. so what we're basically going to do is we're going to take this spotty insulation. and we're going to basically wrap this house up. we're going to insulate it correctly. t. now that we have all the sheet rock up, it's time to do some sanding. and we got a lot of sanding. the 3m precision pro grade sanding is top notch. what i like about this is it just peels right off, you can fold it, you can roll it, you can shape it however you want. it will get in any groove that needs sanding.
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e. we got painters going on. we're wrapping up the bathroom, tile, trim. these walls are painted a nice gray. and the trim we're going to keep white. so to protect our trim, we're going to use scotch blue platinum painter's tape. it's very durable, and it really conforms to basically so this way i can use one continuous piece of tape. the space looks absolutely amazing. paul and his team did an amazing job just opening up the space. everything just came together so beautifully. and i can't wait to start bringing in the furniture and layering it up. all right, lavette.
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come on in, pirch. we got cabinets. we got counter tops. but no kitchen is complete without appliances. it's the final piece of the puzzle. welcome home. this is like amazing! oh my goodness. [screams] oh my god. we could have never done this. if you or someone you know is in need of a rescue, vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for
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and i approve this message. so we got a dishwasher, a microwave, a refrigerator, and an oven. -and they're stainless steel. -they're all stainless steel. which is going to be perfect in the space. yeah. flex those triceps. remember, you're on camera. we got this prison medical ceiling lift
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adaptable home solutions came in. i'll tell you, it was one of the coolest tests i've ever done. in order to make sure that it was going to be able to hold james's weight, we put on 550 plus pound, all these cinder blocks, and then moved it around the room. five hundo. all right. the big challenge for james sleeping is that he only has movement of his head. he can't roll over. s freedom bed, they don't even know the freedom that they're going to give james. wow. this is not your run of the mill bed. this thing is amazing. what it does that his current bed or all other beds can't do is automate that difficult task of turning and positioning him. so it's really about shifting pressure so that he doesn't develop skin breakdown, getting fluid mobility
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up. but accidents happen. and we got some holes in our wall. not a problem. we can patch those up with 3m large hole repair. it's easy. you put in the backing, you put in the compound, you sand, you paint, and it's good as new. now let's get lavette in here for design. yes. look at this. this is amazing. yeah, right? i love that reaction as you walk in because originally, we came to do just james's room. and we just had to do this entire first floor. in my design, it was important for me at all times without them having to move things out of the way but still have it be beautiful. the floors were donated by j&s. and they did a phenomenal job. i chose an all vinyl, which is basically a plastic. so there are no thresholds in between rooms. it is a straight shot. there's no bumps. we don't have to worry about the chair getting caught on anything.
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beautiful pop of color. what you got there? i got a command shelf. i thought maybe instead of putting any more holes in the wall-- yes. so this is pretty simple installation, right? this is super, super simple. so you just pull these things off like so. and then you just pull of the side that says command. step two, if you peel this-- there we go. and stick it on. all right. and now we can put this, write a little note. perfect. i love it. see? command strips come to the rescue. capital lighting, they gave us all our light fixtures, for the bathroom, for james's room, which you'll see is really cool. it's this industrial feel. you got white pillows, and peach pillows. well, you can't just throw them on there. there's an art to the pillow.
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probably really hard to get your head above water. and hopefully we've helped them do that. and now they can start the next phase and say, ok, our home is taken care of. all right. i know it's been a long but hopefully very pleasurable stay at extended stay america. there's nothing really like coming home, right? all right. james, will, carmen, welcome home. oh, no. my god. accommodations provided by extended stay america, home away from home. for those building a better future with kitchens and a great price, it's
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damn. wow. oh, no. my god. this is not our old house. well, as soon as i walked in with everybody, it seems like a different place. it doesn't seem like the other house before.
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so, james, you made a request, if you could throw a kitchen in for my mom, that would be the best. and that was already in the works. but you see, james put you first from the get go, carmen. all right, james. you want to see your bedroom? i'm ready. this is i hope the room you were looking for. wow. dave, this is [inaudible] right here. dave, your bed. you got a new bed. it was a nice surprise when i saw the bed, the room. as soon as you opened the doors, i already knew it was going to be something. it was going to be a game changer. i never envisioned it to look like that.
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pretty sure he feels a lot happier going to therapy knowing coming back he's going to be in a new room and a comfortable bed. when we did the surprise, one of the things i walked away with was that you hadn't taken a shower in this house since the accident. well, i think we remedied that. are you ready? i'm ready. you don't have to shower right his second. but let me show you what we got. wow. oh, wow. i'd rather just-- oh, my god. phenomenal. the bathroom is the one thing that i really, really wanted. and i'll be able to go in there and have something that i wasn't able to have for a long time.
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i just want too say thank you, guys, for everything. all you guys are great and wonderful. you don't understand how much this means to me, and i'll keep this for the rest of my life. thank you is not ever going to be enough. it's not even close to what i feel for everything that everyone has done. my battle to get through this and you guys made it a lot easier for me to keep doing it every single day. is our contractor paul, his father passed away on the second day of the rescue. on the third day of the rescue, paul was here. and he said, george, this is where i need to be. this is where my dad would want me to be. just his dedication to making sure that this house was done and done right for you guys, so much so that at his father's
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and they just wanted to present you with the check. so not only did they did they rescue the house,
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i felt guilty. i couldn't live with that. i said, "i know something and it's terrible." i'm the only other person who knows the truth. i had to do something. >> he swept her right of her feet. >> i was drawn to him right away. >> he was handsome, he was super athletic. >> a dreamy single dad. wealthy. charming. smitten. >> i'd never been spoiled like that. i remember thinking i was like julia roberts in "pretty woman." >> he'd been through so much. a mysterious accident at sea. >> he went under, and when he came up, he said he no longer saw his wife. >> he was just hysterical. >> they were never able to find her. >> it was a heart-wrenching story. so why then were so many people so suspicious? >> no one knows exactly what happened on that boat.
2:36 am
>> you thought, what? she faked her death? >> or maybe a murder? >> there's no way. absolutely no way. >> i felt like the police were just trying to frame an innocent man. >> now, she would be the one to unravel it all. >> i thought, i could do this. >> in a dangerous undercover operation. >> tell them everything. >> what? >> my heartbeat was going so fast. i said, "you need to tell me the truth." >> i'm lester holt and this is "dateline." he "troubled waters." >> if you crave money or fame, or if you want to meet beautiful people, maybe even become one of them, you will find your way to southern california. it's where everything is possible, or seems to be. this is the story of two women, drawn for different reasons to
2:37 am
both chased that promise of success. both saw what can go wrong. it was a gorgeous summer day in newport beach, california, the last of fourth of july weekend. some lucky tourists aboard an eight-passenger boat called the greene machine, were at a school of dolphins playing in the water when they came across the unexpected. >> we've got a loose boat out here about five miles out of newport beach. >> reporter: the captain radioed the coast guard that a small speedboat was circling, out of control. in the water nearby was a man holding onto a body board. >> i have a husband, apparently fell off the boat and the wife apparently fell off the boat. >> reporter: the man in the water was frantic. >> copy. and does he still look like he's pretty distraught? over. >> absolutely, very. >> reporter: his name was eric bechler.
2:38 am
but she was nowhere to be found. >> what is he doing at this time? >> he's just kind of yelling out, just laying on his boogie board and yelling out. >> roger. can you make out any words that he is yelling out? over. >> no, he's kind of slurring his words. >> it'll be anytime now a unit should be on scene. >> reporter: it was a stunning end to what began as a perfect day. this newport beach couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary and pegye just turning 38. >> it was her birthday, you know, so she was in good spirits. >> reporter: glenda slosser was one of the friends they'd invited to a big party a couple of days earlier. >> she's talkin' about how much she loves eric, how great life is. >> reporter: and maybe life was great, because pegye had it all.
2:39 am
town, dexter, new mexico. this is where pegye made her entrance. >> i've often said that she was born winking at the doctor and swingin' on the chandelier. >> reporter: pegye was june and glen marshall's fourth child. and, june says, pegye was going places from the very day she was born. >> she was never still. >> reporter: she danced, sang, played sports and, it seemed nothing could hold her back. she had scoliosis as a kid. around the clock. >> that's a terrible burden for a young kid like that to bear. but it also kind of ended up motivating her, didn't it? >> it really did. >> reporter: peyge's doctor talked with her about a career in physical therapy. she volunteered and loved it. >> and she made up her mind right then that she wanted to be a physical therapist. and she wanted to move to california and be a beautiful blonde. >> and -- >> so she did. >> reporter: a farmer's daughter with big dreams.
2:40 am
dexter for sunny caliornia. and settled in newport beach. that's where she met glenda, who was also from new mexico and they immediately hit it off. >> pegye was probably one of the most gregarious people that i've ever met. she was happy and she was always smiling. >> reporter: and, says glenda, pegye was driven to establish herself as a successful physical therapist. she had almost everything she wanted. >> she did wanna find a guy. >> and then one day on the beach, you found somebody for her. >> we did. so one afternoon on -- on a weekend, pegye called me and said, "what are you doin'?" and i said, "well, i'm gonna go down and watch dave play some volleyball on the beach." >> reporter: dave was glenda's husband. >> i asked pegye if she wanted to come down with me and she said absolutely. she immediately spotted eric and
2:41 am
>> reporter: eric bechler, then in his early 20s, was a walking commercial for the california beach life. >> i'm gonna guess that when she notices a guy playing beach volleyball, he's good looking and in great shape. >> indeed he was. >> and handsome. >> very. he was all those things. >> reporter: and he was available. he was also eight years younger. >> was that a problem for either one of them? >> it was not a problem for either one of 'em. pegye, you know, she -- when she sets her sight on something, she's going to make it happen. and it developed really quickly, really, really, quickly. >> reporter: within a year they were married. within four years they had three beautiful kids. pegye and eric went into business together. she opened up her own physical therapy business and eric, a computer whiz, managed the technical side of their venture which quickly became very profitable. >> her business was doin' good. and she was happily married.
2:42 am
couple was also happily spending a lot of money. on a german sports car, italian clothing and a spectacular bluffside home in newport beach. >> they were the little dream story. beautiful girl, good-looking guy, drive nice cars, beautiful children. >> reporter: until that summer day in 1997, when the unimaginable happened. >> male, kind of distraught, said that his wife fell overboard. >> reporter: it was a boating accident, said eric, and the coast guard agreed. something they see all too often. but soon, secrets emerged that would make some people wonder what really happened to pegye bechler? >> when we come back -- >> i absolutely thought they'd find her. >> maybe a lie? >> yes, because she was a fabulous swimmer.
2:43 am
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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. ? >> reporter: it's said there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline.
2:47 am
a romantic outing, an anniversary and birthday gift eric bechler planned for his wife pegye, but it turned into something else. and now pegye was gone. >> and the wife apparently fell of the boat. >> reporter: the coast guard immediately launched a search. but by nightfall no sign of peyge, alive or otherwise. and so eric called pegye's mom, june. and i said, what do you mean you can't find her? where is she? what -- what are you trying to tell me? >> reporter: eric told june that pegye was driving the boat. towing him on a body board when all of a sudden a wave wiped him out. when he came up from under the water, he said, he could no longer see pegye inside the boat. >> we thought they should be finding her because we really just thought she would swim out
2:48 am
quite at home in the water. growing up, it was the only time she didn't have to wear that back brace. and she became a very accomplished swimmer. >> she wouldn't panic. she would swim because she loved the water. >> reporter: the next morning june and glen marshall were on the first flight out to california. pegye had been missing almost 24 hours. >> of course, that ocean is just bigger, bigger, bigger than you think about if you're in new mexico. >> reporter: pegye's friend glenda tried to stay optimistic. >> absolutely thought they'd find her. >> maybe alive. >> uh-huh. i did because she was a fabulous swimmer. >> reporter: glenda went to the bechler house to see eric. >> how'd he look? >> hysterical, a little bit. you know, he'd been crying and, you know, his face is red and, you know, all of those things.
2:49 am
be, one would expect. >> reporter: this video from local news shows a devastated eric. it was now day two of the search for pegye. still nothing. the next day, the coast guard interviewed eric. >> we're just going to do an inquiry into the boating accident. ok? >> ok. >> reporter: eric bechler could barely speak. >> what did you takeh the boat? >> we had a couple bags and a cooler. we wanted to see if we could see catalina, but it was so hazy. i told pegye that it was, you know, it was too hazy, we shouldn't go too far out. >> reporter: eric told the coast guard he tried to body board on their way out and said there was a pretty good swell in the ocean. >> was it as high as the side of
2:50 am
it was, you know, big enough to notice. >> reporter: eric said they stopped out here on the water to enjoy some margaritas pegye had made. and then later in the day they decided to try the body board again, this time on their way back to the harbor. pegye was driving, eric was being pulled on the board. >> well, i mean there's a wave and all of a sudden it got real big, and of a sudden it just jerked out of my hand. >> oh, ok. >> you know, i just couldn't hold on. so i came up. i thought pegye would be right there. she wasn't. the boat was just going in i could just see that pegye wasn't standing there on the wheel. and the boat kept going farther and farther away. and i couldn't see any other boat. i was screaming and looking around. it was my fault. if only i could see her right now. >> reporter: and so pegye bechler was simply gone. maybe even within sight of the
2:51 am
eric seemed devastated, fearing his wife and business partner was dead, but eric's mother, linda saw things quite differently. >> i was sure that they would find her, that it would all turn out well. >> reporter: not just because pegye was a strong swimmer. everyone knew that. linda knew more. a secret about her daughter-in-law. >> reporter: and you thought, what? pegye faked her death? or disappeared deliber come up, pegye's secret, what was it? >> she stopped me on the stairway and said, have i to talk to you. >> and enter the bikini model. >> she was just a hot number, as they say. >> how would she figure into all
2:52 am
2:53 am
?? >> reporter: a brilliant pacific ocean sunset closed out day three of the search for pegye bechler.
2:54 am
and friends tried to remain hopeful, reality was slowly starting to set in. and it was painful. >> at this point, you didn't think she was alive anymore? >> i kept thinkin' that she was. but how could she, you know, that length of time? >> reporter: unless, of course, what appeared to be an accident was not. the coast guard conducted a reenactment at sea to try to understand how pegye could have fallen off the boat. and they couldn't do it. >> they said it just -- it doesn't appear to be feasible to them, given the sea conditions. >> reporter: that's when the coast guard called the orange county sheriff's office. detective sean murphy was put on the case. >> they weren't able to duplicate even close to what was alleged by eric bechler, that his wife was tossed off by a rogue wave. >> reporter: if pegye's disappearance was no accident, murphy's job was to find out what did happen. detectives started by
2:55 am
him about his relationship with pegye. >> he said his marriage was good. there was no problems with it. >> you didn't take his word for it? >> no, in our game, we don't take anyone's word for anything. we look into it. and that's what we did. >> reporter: they met with the improbably-named kobi laker, eric's best friend. and kobi backed up eric. >> they had a terrific marriage. and there was no problems whatsoever. >> reporter: but if the marriage seemed solid, there were questions about pegye, at least according toin linda says pegye told her something in confidence just before she disappeared. >> she stopped me on the stairway as i was leaving. and said, "i have to talk to you." she said, "i'm afraid i'm goin' to jail." >> reporter: according to court documents, about a year before pegye disappeared, the couple sold their physical therapy business to another company, but they stayed on as employees. then, just four months before
2:56 am
amid allegations they had overbilled medicare for more than a million dollars. so when linda heard pegye had vanished -- >> i started thinking about how disturbed she was about going to jail. >> reporter: and she wondered if pegye had somehow staged her own disappearance. pegye's friend glenda said, no way. >> was peggy bechler capable of medicare overbilling? >> in my opinion, no. >> but if you're wrong about that -- >> uh-huh. >> -- then maybe the idea that she faked her death to escape possible prosecution for that, maybe that's a little bit more plausible. >> but white-collar crime and faking your death and leaving your children and your family are two really separate issues. >> reporter: glenda said pegye adored her children and would never abandon them. >> i will say that people who
2:57 am
a courtroom or the inside of a jail cell -- >> uh-huh. >> -- sometimes do pretty crazy things when they realize that might happen to them. >> i believe that, but not pegye. >> reporter: glenda did tell the detectives that pegye and eric were having some issues, like how pegye was busy with work and kids while eric seemed occupied on the volleyball court. >> she just confided in me that they were having some financial troubles because, you know, they keep up with. >> reporter: glenda said eric and pegye seemed determined to work everything out. but now pegye was gone, eric was a single dad with three kids under the age of four. and a new player was about to enter the story. >> you were drawn to eric right away? >> yes. >> reporter: like countless young women before her, tina new had drop-dead looks and hollywood dreams.
2:58 am
show "baywatch nights." this sunday, the final days before the election. and a mad scramble by both candidates. hillary clinton targeting her check mate states. >> tonight, i want to hear you >> donald trump, still searching for a path to 270. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. >> we'll get the latest from our correspondents on the campaign trail. i will talk to former speaker of the house newt gingrich. and the chairman of the clinton campaign, john podesta. plus, where the race stands this morning, the results from our final nbc news/wall street journal election poll.
2:59 am
senate. >> would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? would you point to him as a role model? >> absolutely. >> has turned his back on us. >> we will break down the key battles state by state and the last minute fight for control. joining me for this last "meet the press" before the ee lebs are nbc news special correspondent tom brokaw, republican strategist nicolle wallace, chris matthews, belart. this is it. welcome to sunday, and a special edition of "meet the press." >> from new york, this is a special edition of "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> good sunday morning from election headquarters, right here at 30 rock in new york city. in two days, we're going to have
3:00 am
it's always been about fear. fear on one side of a changing world and a changing america. and fear on the other side about donald trump. we have a lot to cover. we will get right to it. here it is, our final brand-new nbc news/wall street journal poll out this morning. we have a tightening race. hillary clinton leading donald trump by four points in the four-way matchup. 44 to 40. that's a big change from last month's poll which had clinton leading by double digits, 11. that poll, of course, before the james comey e-mail announcement. last night in reno, nevada, trump was rushed off stage when someone in the crowd shouted gun. there was no gun. trump did return to finish that speech. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. i want to thank the secret


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